Here is ANOTHER one of my beauty secrets! This serum is the BOMB! Do you want firmer, more luminous skin? Check this out….

♡Hi Beauties…

♡As a Makeup Artist I am always trying out new products, and for years I have been using this amazing skin serum as a primer from Derma MD for all of my makeup clients. Its called Pink Silk Face Firming Rejuvenator!

Seriously it is hands down the best! It goes on like butter and feels like HEAVEN on the skin. Now you can get it with my promo code “PINK” for 25% off. Here is the link directly to the product…

♡It is not only amazing as a primer, it has serious Anti-Aging properties to it. It will decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving your skin’s texture and providing a more luminous appearance (i want that!) It promotes collagen (yes please), protects skin from UV Damage (summer!), reduces redness and inflammation, fills in fine lines or larger pores….I could seriously just keep going on and on. AND you need a tiny amount, about a pea size, applied right after you put on your moisturizer. I am a minimal makeup girl, so i wear this alone in the summer and apply a little cream blush, lipstick and mascara and I am out the door!

Add this to your beauty répertoire and see the difference!

♡Love & Lipstick♡

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Want naturally plumped up luscious lips?

This is the natural LIP PLUMPER that I swear by! I love colors like Golden Godiss, and Baby Doll! And now you can get 25% off if you click on this link …

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Put in my own personal discount code ” MAKEUP PRO” for your 25 % off. This lip plumper literally works no joke! Simply smooth on twice a day to increase collagen, exfoliate, conditions and plumps your lips instantly. I swear by it! Oh! And it comes in clear and in colors! It’s Brilliant! #glamurlipplumper @dermamdskincare #vinnettabeautytips #celebritymakeupartist

💕My Sunday Morning Beauty Ritual…

💛My Sunday morning beauty ritual💛 First I scrub my face with my homemade Rosemary Sugar scrub then I make my Get Up & Glow green smoothie. A happy way to start a rainy NYC Sunday! 🗽 #vinnettabeautytips #vinnettascrivobeauty #vinnettabeautyjuice #vinnettahomemadebeauty #nomakeup #naturalbeauty


imageSmoothie recipe :

1/2 of a pear, 2 celery stalks, handful of spinach, a whole peeled lemon, some ice and h2O! Blend and enjoy!

💕💕💕Vinnetta Beauty Rosemary Sugar Scrub coming soon to purchase on my blog and website! Stay tuned!