Fabulous Derma MD giveaway 11-9/11-11!!!

Love these wonderful products from Derma MD. Go to Zulily.com and take advantage of there amazing deal they have going on. I religiously use this line and my skin has never looked more luminous and amazing!



My new obsession…Derma MD Lip Plumper’s!

Designed to exfoliate the dead skin cells, increase volume of lips and hydrate as it reduces appearance of furrows and fine lines. A physician recommended lip care treatment and plumper – all in one!

With Hyaluronic Acid and Camphor….the delicious scent and pleasant tingle makes your lips feel and look super sexy! I personally use this lip plumper on every one of my clients as part of the “prepping” that I do. Every face is my canvas so preparing that canvas is a vital part of beautifying a woman. I use it everyday on my self as well!

My fabulous friend Sheila is the creator of these luscious lip glosses…. go to WWW.DERMAMDSKINCARE.COM and get yourself some girl!

Happy plumping ladies…..

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